Consolis manufactures beam elements of different sizes, types and lengths, which are used in construction of skeleton of the building. Consolis has carried out standardization of dimensions of cross-sections of the products and usually they are pre-stressed. Stressing power and length of a beam is adjusted for needs of each particular project. Elements are supplied with embedded parts, for example, fittings, openings, etc., for arranging of couplings and for the other purposes.

Overview of the types of prestressed beams for different applications:


Purlins: traelemspezoidal secondary roof beams
R-beams: rectangular roof or floor beams for moderate spans
RF-beams: rectangular floor beams for
composite action with floor slabs
RT-beams: inverted T-beams for floors of middle to large spans
RL-beams: L-beams for edge floors
I-beams: For roofs and large floor beam spans